How it works?

Step 1 : Download App

 Download our Money 5050 mobile app and sign up to create your account.

Step 2 : Recharge Your Wallet

To add money to your wallet

Step 3 : Join Plan

Select any plan that best suits your earning goals

Step 4 : Add Free e-Gifts

Select your free eGifts and add them

Step 5 : Share On Social Media

Share our unique link on any social media to promote us

Step 6 : Send Help To 1 User

Send help to 1 user displayed on your screen

Step 7 : Activate Your Plan

To unlock its full earning potential and you become eligible to receive your profits.

Step 8 : Track Your Ranking

Wait to you Reach at No.1 Rank in your plan's ranking system. You start receiving your profits.

Step 9 : Receiving Your Profits

You receive upto 3x to 5x profit from new users.
Received profit will be added to your wallet instantly.

Step 10 : Withdraw Your Funds

You can withdraw your earnings from wallet anytime

How Plan Flow Works?